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About Us


MIXÔN minis, founded in 2014. It all began with a simple idea, stemming from two sisters that are ever so passionate about fashion. One, being a fashion design degree graduate that has always been intrigued with fashion ever since a young age. While the other, a full-time working mother with a keen sense in fashion without the luxury of time to physically shop for herself and her little one. Bridging the gap, a thought of creating a fashionable online mother and children label is born.


"Style starts early", our brand motto encompasses that fashion can and should begin at an early age. We aim to create twinning pieces that both parents and children could wear them together. Ask any child this question; "Who are their role models?", and their answer will be their parents whom they look up dearly to. With that in mind, we aim to realise these thoughts in fashion form by dressing them alike to their parents. Besides, isn't it an eye-catching image of a parent and child in complementing clothing?


For each new season, fresh new look pieces that are specially designed by our in-house design team. Each and every garment is meticulously thought out with close attention to details, tailoring and cut. Our collections are developed with the mindset of reflecting both upcoming trends and as well as maintaining a classic timelessness.